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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do so many practitioners say Fatal-Plus is the best euthanasia drug on the market?
Fatal-Plus is very syringable and does not require cutting. It’s unlikely you will blow a vein or needle hub while administering Fatal-Plus. Fatal-Plus may be used on all animals, regardless of species. Fatal-Plus is colored blue for easy and safe product identification.

Additionally, Fatal-Plus comes in a plastic bottle which won’t break if accidentally dropped. It also won’t freeze during the winter if you’re working outdoors on large animals.

How do I order Fatal-Plus?
Fatal-Plus is a Schedule II (C-II) drug and must be ordered on the D.E.A. 222 order form, also known as the U.S. Official Order Forms – Schedules I & II. All 222 Forms must contain the ‘2N’ license designation. We cannot process 222 Forms which only have the ‘2’ license designation, and therefore, these forms will be returned to you.
Is Fatal-Plus available everywhere in the United States?
Yes it is, but depending on your state, you may need to order Fatal-Plus through your veterinary distributor. Fatal-Plus is available direct from Vortech Pharmaceuticals from a majority of states, but please check our website for the list of ‘distributor only’ states.
Which Distributors Carry Fatal-Plus?
Fatal-Plus is carried by most major veterinary distributors including First Veterinary Supply, MWI, Patterson, Henry Schein, Midwest, Amatheon and several others. Please check with your two or three top distributors for availability and pricing.
Can I order Fatal-Plus online through the CSOS online ordering system?

Vortech does have a CSOS online ordering system.  If you have already uploaded your digital certificate form the DEA to your computer, please complete our enrollment form to gain access to our secured online ordering system thru the CSOS Online Ordering tab.  More information on the CSOS Ordering System can be found in the CSOS Ordering Info tab.

How do I pay for Fatal-Plus purchases made directly from Vortech Pharmaceuticals?
All first-time purchasers will be required to pay in advance. We accept checks, Visa and MasterCard. Once we get to know you and your payment habits, we will send you an invoice a few days after your order goes out. Please pay us within 30 days to avoid late fees.
What size bottle is Fatal-Plus sold in?
Fatal-Plus is only sold in a 250ml bottle. The product has a shelf-life of two years, which is helpful if your practice doesn’t euthanize often, and/or only sees small animals.
How much does Fatal-Plus cost?
On a price per ml basis, Fatal-Plus is one of the most economical euthanasia products on the market. Please contact us or your distributor for current pricing. Please keep the bottle size in mind when you hear the price for Fatal-Plus, as most other euthanasia products are sold in 100ml bottles. ‘Do the math’ to determine your savings on a per ml basis.
What is the dosage for Fatal-Plus?
The approved dosage is ‘one ml per 10 pounds’ of body weight.
What can I do with any remaining Fatal-Plus I have left over after the two-year product expiration date?
Vortech Pharmaceuticals is not a reverse distributor; therefore we cannot accept any expired product. Please check our website for a list of D.E.A Registered Reverse Distributors in your area. Please contact one of these companies for specific information on disposing of expired controlled substances.
How can I find out more about Fatal-Plus?
See our website at www.vortechpharm.com or call us at 800-521-4686 for more information.  Vortech Pharmaceuticals attends many veterinary industry related conferences and tradeshows.  Please stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to pick up more information, and to speak with one of our representatives.
What is the ‘Plus’ in Fatal-Plus?
There are many ‘Pluses’ in Fatal-Plus, but the biggest one is the humaneness of the product. Since Fatal-Plus is so thin and syringable, it is easy to administer. Fatal-Plus is very economical on a per cc basis and comes in a 250ml shatterproof bottle. Fatal-Plus is also colored blue for easy and safe product identification. Finally, Fatal-Plus has a two year shelf-life which is helpful for small animal clinics that do not euthanize very often.