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Fatal-Plus Solution and Powder are Schedule II (C-II) drugs, and must be ordered using the DEA 222 Form. The triplicate/carbon DEA222 can no longer be used; the new 222-form is a one-page form. You MUST make a copy of the form before mailing the completed form to us for processing. Please use the link to order forms. If this is your first order, complete our New Customer Application.

Preliminary Information

  • The instructions to complete the DEA-222 form are located on the back of the form.
  • Fatal-Plus is a 2N product; your DEA license and form MUST have a 2N for us to process the order.
  • We cannot accept any 222 form that has been altered in any manner. If you make and error, you MUST start over and complete a new from.
  • Incomplete, altered, or incorrectly completed forms WILL be returned to you
  • We can only ship to the address that is on the form, which must match your license.
  • You must print clearly and within the spaces provided on the form.

Specific Information needed to order Fatal-Plus direct from Vortech

  • On Part 1 of the DEA-222 form: print your name and title, provide your signature and date the form. On line #1: record the number of bottles you are ordering in the “Number of Packages” section; 250 mL in the “Package Size” section; Fatal-Plus Solution or Powder in the “Name of Item” section; and lastly, complete the “Last Line Completed” section.  This will usually be “1” as you are only ordering Fatal-Plus through us.
  • On Part 2 of the form: record our DEA Number, PV0215562, in the “Supplier DEA Number” section; and record our address information, Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., 6851 Chase Road, Dearborn, Michigan 48126 in the appropriate spot.
  • Once Part 1 and Part 2 are completed, the DEA-222 form is ready to be sent to Vortech for processing. Prior to mailing the original to us, you should take a photocopy of the order. When you receive your shipment, record the number of the bottles received and the date received on Part 5 of the photocopied form.  Keep this copy with your other controlled substance records.


For the Following states, you must order Fatal-Plus Solution or Powder through a distributor. Our products are available through most major veterinary distributors. Please check with the distributor of your choice.

Distributors Only

Alabama Arizona Colorado Delaware Georgia
Iowa Kentucy  Illinois Maine Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island  South Dakota Washington
West Virginia Wyoming      

Fatal-Plus is also available through these veterinary distributors.

Amatheon Pharmaceuticals, Ltd 800-399-8387 http://www.amatheon.com
American Health International 866-476-3867 www.animalhealthinternational.com
DV Medical Supply 800-438-2568 http://www.dvmed.com
First Veterinary Supply 800-998-4661 http://www.FirstVeterinarySupply.com


Midwest Veterinary Supply 800-328-2975 http://www.midwestvet.net
MWI Veterinary Supply 800-824-3703 http://www.mwivet.com
Patterson Veterinary Supply 800-225-7911 http://www.pattersonvet.com
Victor Medical Supply 800-888-8908 http://www.victormedical.com