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About Us

At Vortech we understand how heart breaking it is to say goodbye to the pets we love. We are animal lovers, our animals are precious to us, they are pure joy and give us unconditional love. When our animals reach the end of their lives we want the most peaceful and reliable euthanasia possible for them and for of all of those involved in the process. Our mission of providing humane euthanasia reaches far beyond our own animals to any animal where euthanasia is deemed necessary. Not only do we cherish the lives of our own animals, we value the lives of all animals. We feel it is required of us as compassionate human beings to take care of all living creatures in life and death. That is why Fatal Plus was developed to provide every animal with the most humane euthanasia possible because for all the happiness animals give us, we owe it to them to feel safe and cared for in their final moments of life.



Pet Gallery

We know you love your pets, and we love ours too. Here are a few photos of our favorite furry friends.

Our Story

Vortech Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1982 by John and Viberta MacNeil, in Dearborn, Michigan. Vortech is the developer and manufacturer of Fatal-Plus Powder and Fatal-Plus Solution, both products are used for humane animal euthanasia. Prior to the development and wide spread use of Fatal-Plus, many veterinary euthanasia methods and pharmaceutical products on the market had side effects that were hard on the animal, and difficult for those involved in the euthanasia process to witness.

The catalyst for creating Fatal-Plus came when John’s own dog was nearing the end of his life and the difficult decision to euthanize the family’s beloved pet was imminent. The euthanasia process did not go smoothly. John decided that his dog, his loyal friend, who had given his family so much love and protection, deserved a better death. This painful event inspired John to want to make a difference for all animals facing euthanasia. He was committed to his belief that every animal should have an end-of-life experience full of compassion and dignity. It was his mission to provide the most humane product possible which would also instill confidence in those performing the difficult task of animal euthanasia.

In an effort to bring a more humane euthanasia product to the market, John worked with humane societies and helped several states to mandate the use of sodium pentobarbital as the active ingredient in animal euthanasia drugs. These efforts helped reduce the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers and other inhumane euthanasia methods. The affordability of sodium pentobarbital was another key factor that appealed to numerous humane societies, animal shelters and municipal animal control facilities.

The development of Fatal-Plus Powder and Fatal-Plus Solution, ushered in the beginning of a more humane animal euthanasia movement. John’s educational background in biochemistry, his experience as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, and his passion for animal welfare was the right combination to develop Fatal-Plus. John’s mission of humaneness for all animals that must be euthanized became a reality. Today, Fatal-Plus is one of the most recognized brand names for humane animal euthanasia, giving countless animals the end-of-life experience they deserve.

I have been practicing small animal medicine and surgery for over 20 years. When a beloved family pet reaches the end of their life, my sincerest wish is that I’m able to provide comfort and support for the pet and family. Painless and peaceful euthanasia is most important.

I have used various products over the years and decided many years ago to only use Fatal Plus by Vortech Pharmaceutical. It absolutely provides the most consistent, painless, peaceful and humane euthanasia possible. It is the superior medication I need during this difficult time in the life of a pet and their family.

Jim Botsford, DVM

Woodland Animal Hospital

Fatal-Plus has been my solution of choice for over 9 years. My service helps around 70 companion animals a week. With caregivers present, I know things will go smooth every time.

Dr. Kathleen Cooney

Home to Heaven, P.C.

My practice focuses on home euthanasia and I use Fatal Plus. Over my 30 plus years as a veterinarian I have tried other products and this is by far the best.

Dr. Beth Christensen

Mobile Veterinary Practice