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CSOS- Controlled Substance Ordering System


The DEA CSOS program allows you to send your Schedule II controlled substances orders directly to Vortech securely and electronically, without having to fill out and mail the paper DEA 222 Form. The benefits are significant: an order is received by us immediately after it is submitted successfully, there is no mailing time; errors are caught at the time of order placement and can be corrected before it is transmitted electronically, thus improving the efficiencies and expediting the ordering of controlled substances. Once you are enrolled with the DEA and the digital certificate is installed on your computer, Fatal-Plus can be ordered from Vortech using our CSOS compliant ordering system.

CSOS Enrollment Information

You must enroll with the DEA and obtain a CSOS digital certificate that will be used to sign your electronic 222 orders. Visit http://www.deaecom.gov/csosmain.html for more information.

After you have read about the CSOS ordering system and decided to implement it, click on “Enroll in CSOS” to apply for your digital certificate. You can also call 877-332-3266 (8 am- 6pm EST) and speak to a DEA CSOS Enrollment Specialist.

To enroll in Vortech’s CSOS program, please complete our enrollment form and fax it to 313-581—8550 or email it to csos@vortechpharm.com.

Once enrolled in our CSOS program, electronic orders can be submitted by visiting csos.vortechpharm.com or by going through our website at www.vortechpharm.com and logging into your account. If you have technical problems while placing an order, please call our technical support line at 1-254-933-4452 (8 AM-8PM EST) or support@legisym.com

Please Note: According to the DEA CSOS Registration Authority, applicants can expect to receive their certificate activation notices on average about one month after mailing the application package to the DEA. Incomplete applications will take longer.